A Freebie [Canberra Portrait Photographer]

This is for all of those budding photographers out there.

Along my journey from the olden days of film, to the digital era of nowadays, I have also moved from the darkroom to embrace the “digital darkroom”.  For those of you, like me, that have moved from film to digital, you will know that there are so many little traps we can fall into in this digital era.  The biggest of course, is to rely on photoshop to correct poor photography in the first place.  We have all been there done that though.  Photoshop should only ever be used to enhance your images.

A Photoshop Tip and Gift for YOU:-

As useful as the Dodge and Burn tools are, they both suffer from serious problems.  Both of them cause permanent damage to your image, and this is never a good thing.  The best way to work in photoshop is to keep your original pixels intact so that you always have the original image to fall back on.  It is known as working “non-destructively”.  There are of course many ways to do this and I have tried them all, but I have found the best way to create a beautiful soft effect.   I have created a Photoshop Action that does this in just one click.  If you would like this action, it is FREE to you.  All I ask that you do is

1. “Like” my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/RobynGeeringPhotography

2. Share my page or this blog post http://robyngeeringphotography.com/blogsite/?p=2994 on your Facebook timeline.

3. Leave a comment on this blog post (When you leave a comment, your email address is required, but it is not visible – I will email the action to the email address that you supply along with your blog comment).

PS.  I do not have Photoshop Elements, so I am not sure whether it works on Elements.  If someone would like to test it out on Elements for me, I would be very grateful.

And as for this image, it is from a recent session I shot of a beautiful family that live on North Stradbroke Island, Queensland.  I session I can’t wait to share in full.

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  • Rana said:

    Shared! Can't wait to try this out, thank you :)

  • KA said:

    Photo looks great. Any tips are always welcome!

  • Penny Wettern said:

    That photo makes me want to live by the beach...Love it :))

    PS. Does Freebie know you are giving him away ? LOL :))

    • administration said:

      Lol Penny, sssssh, he doesn't know.