AIPP State Awards [Canberra Childrens Photographer]

For those of you that have not heard of the AIPP, it stands for the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers.  The AIPP is Australia’s leading membership body for the photography community.  Supporting professional photographers at all stages of their careers and enabling them to become accredited to the photographic organisation that is the AIPP.  If you wish to find out more about the AIPP, please go here.

Every year, the AIPP runs the Photographer of the Year Awards in each State, which is then followed by the National Awards know the APPAs (or the Australian Professional Photography Awards) in May.  Each year for the past three years now, I have made the journey up to Sydney to watch the NSW/ACT awards that were judged over the last couple of days.

Sometimes I wonder why I put myself through this agony, as it is a gruelling process from start to finish.  From the weeks of trying to decide just what images to enter, to refining these images, to the printing and mounting and then finally, putting your work out there to be critiqued by 5 of the top photographers in Australia, in full view of the rest of your colleagues State and Australia wide.   Why do I do it?  Ahem, I am crazy I think.  The reason I do this, is because I firmly believe that it is the only way for me to improve.  And now, as I have watched my journey from starting as an emerging photographer within the AIPP, to becoming a fully accredited photographer just over a year ago, to becoming a multi-award winning photographer, in the short time-frame of 3 years, I can see just how much I have improved in every aspect of my work from year to year.

I am really excited to announce that I received 5 Silver Awards this year, all within the Family Category.   Here are my award winning images for the ACTNSW State level for 2012……




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  • Dear Robyn,

    Wow - amazing results on brilliant pieces of art. Congratulations on an outstanding effort.
    I hope you are proud as I know so many are proud of you x

  • Robyn, these are so beautiful. Such well deserved awards - I'm so happy for you! Congratulations xo

  • You are amazing. I saw that last one judged and I just 'knew' it was yours - that beautiful emotion. Congratulations you fabulous girl you!! xx

  • Oh my I recognised all of these images (some of which I didn't know were yours) and loved them all. Amazing work Robyn. You deserve this and so much more my friend. xx

  • jem said:

    Hugest congratulations to a lovely person and an amazing photogrpaher!!!
    They are all totally awesome, but something about that 3rd image rocked my world today xxx

  • El said:

    Congrats Robyn!!! These images are amazing and so deserving! I watched the ocean image being judged via live stream, and it was one of my favourites that I saw go through. I'm so glad to learn it is yours! xoxo

  • Congratulations Robyn, so deserving, you are a wonderful photographer and person and I just couldn't be happier for you.

  • Congratulations Robyn! A very deserving result. I love every one of those images. xo

  • tanya tindale said:

    so very excited for you missy

  • Fantastic images Robyn... that first one is my favourite. How on earth do you choose now for APPA?? Congratulations on going so well! xx

  • Lou said:

    Fantastic Robyn - well done, and such gorgeous images! I really love the third and fourth - but they're all so lovely! Congratulations!

  • Such a well deserved and awesome bag of silvers, congratulations Robyn!!

  • So well deserved Robyn. These images are beautiful. Hats off to all of you that entered. I know just how much effort it is as have never managed to get a print into the awards yet...just can't seem to get past the picking the images point. SO HARD!

  • Awesome results Robyn, such fabulous images! How on earth will you choose which ones to enter for appa?? I saw most of these being judged I think, and I was pretty sure some were yours even though I hadn't seen most of them before! They have such a unique quality! Congratulations lovely Robyn. :)

  • Belinda said:

    A massive congratulations to you, Robyn! Such stunning images. I'm over the moon for you and your very deserving awards xx

  • Robyn, You're s awesome. Those photographs are perfection and you deserve the accolades. Soak it up!

  • IamMel said:

    Well done on your awards, those images are absolutely brilliant and well deserved!!

  • Congratulations well deserved. What a beautiful selection too...just shows how versatile and talented you are xx

  • Robyn Regan said:

    Robyn they are gorgeous!!!! Ditto to all of the above comments.

  • Mandy Campbell said:

    Stunning Robyn, what a wonderful standard of work you are giving to your clients every single day. Congratulations, your awards are so well deserved xox

  • cass said:

    Oh Robyn, you continue to inspire and amaze me. Your work is stunning and your approach so refreshing. Thank you for being you.

  • Amanda Townsend said:

    Hi Rob. Congratulations! Although I'm not at all surprised. Well done on an amazing journey. Miss you guys!

  • -cr said:

    Awesome, all of these!
    Well deserved wins.

  • Tine said:

    Congratulations Robyn! you deserve it..these are so beautiful

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