APPA 2013 Award Book [Canberra Award Winning Photographer]

I cannot tell you how excited I was to receive the 2013 APPA Awards Book in the post the other day. The minute it arrived I curled up on the couch with my family and we spent many  happy hours poring through the pages together. It’s that sort of book. Some of the images are dramatic, some funny, some magical, some heart-wrenching, but every single one is beautiful and inspiring.

This year’s edition is particularly special to me. In fact, I couldn’t wait to get my hands it. It’s not just the improved quality, although I am loving the thick pages and vivid colour. And it’s not the fact that, at 2.7kg, it looks very impressive on my coffee table.  No, I have a more personal reason. Last September, I was awarded the Canon 2013 AIPP Australian Professional Family Photographer of the Year. This, and the subsequent privilege of having my work included in a book bursting at the seams with images from Australia’s best photographers, is the stuff of dreams.


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  • Lea said:


    Deserve it all.

    Enjoy your place in the sun - I am overjoyed for you and can feel your delight. I bet you hugged that book close to your chest and smelled it and closed your eyes .. am I right? :D x

    • administration said:

      I sure did Lea. Thank you so much lovely lady, I really do still have to pinch myself.

    • administration said:

      As are you my dear Angie.