Babies First Day [Canberra Newborn Photographer]

I think all of us that are Mums, have experienced the in-hostital newborn photography shooters.  It is one of those photos that you just kinda have to have, a bit like the annual school photos.  It doesn’t seem to matter about the composition or quality, you just have to have them.  What if you could have just a little more.  What if you could have someone capture that amazing connection that happens in hospital, that first bath, the raw beauty of this moment.

This is actually something that I want to extend to all of my Newborn Clients.  Book a newborn session with me, and complete the story with a “Babies First Day” add-on.

Here is one that I did recently


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  • Hayley said:

    What a wonderful add-on Robyn! Gorgeous images...I'm sure they'll be very popular!

  • Beata English said:

    This is beautiful...wonderful package idea! Gorgeous images that will be cherished! Babies First Day...perfect.

  • LOVE Robyn, this can all go by in such a blur, what a perfect time to have memories captured.

  • Millie said:

    Awesome photos! Makes me clucky :)

  • Sally Bellchambers said:

    Madly in love with these Robyn, I would give my right leg for shots like these of Lil- day 1 passes in such a blur!

  • Perfect Robyn, such a special time, what a fabulous idea.

  • Susie said:

    Robyn these are just beautiful!!! I wish I had pics like this of my girls..

  • Ngarie said:

    These images are just so beautiful

  • Gray said:

    Robyn - what a wonderful idea! And what a beautiful session to start it off!

  • Robyn, these are so so so beautiful. What a wonderful idea - those first few days are such a blur, so special to have them captured!!!