Extended Family Sessions


An extended family session is designed to capture the WHOLE family.  Grandparents with Grandchildren, or any combination in between like these cousins above.

When the opportunity arises for the whole extended family to be together, what better moment to get some portraits of you all together.  I love to see those beautiful connections between the grandparents and grandchildren.


I have all of my family here in Canberra for one weekend only.  What happens if it rains? If there are no opportunities to reschedule your photo shoot, I have a perfect undercover option up my sleeve.

We have Six Grandchildren all under the age of four, how would you deal with this?  With a lot of patience, and a bundle of tricks up my sleeve.   Sometimes I may bring an assistance to sessions like these.

We have family coming from all around the world.   We we want to share the images with them in digital format only, can we do this?  Yes.  My Digital Package comes with a selection of product of your choice (for those that wish to have professional quality printing), and also comes with the rights to share the digital files amongst family members, for their own personal needs.  I can provide the digital files on a USB, or I can email them across the world in a downloadable format.

We have a BIG family.  Do you have a limit to how many people can be involved in the photoshoot?  No I don’t, but keep in mind, I allow a maximum of One and a Half hours for these photo sessions, so the more people involved, the less time I can spend with individual family Groups.

Can we also bring our Pets to these sessions? No.  There is not enough time to include the pets in these sessions.

We only want to purchase one photo, is that OK?  I am not be the right photographer for you.  I do have a minimum spend of $550 for these types of photo sessions simply because of the complexity of the photo-shoots, and the time that I invest.

What should we wear?  This is my most common question.  So much so that I have dedicated a whole page to it HERE.