Give-A-Way [Canberra Portrait Photographer]

I am still flying high with the results from the Australian Professional Photography Awards.  For those that would like to read what I have to say about the experience, and see my award winning portfolio in more depth, please read HERE.   I feel so incredibly honoured and proud to have have taken out the highly coveted  AIPP Australian Family Photographer for 2013.  These awards, without doubt, are the most prestigious photography awards in Australia, attracting 1000s of entrants from across Australia and further abroad.   Important to note that you DO NOT have to be a member of the AIPP to enter the awards.

Yesterday, I was featured in “The Canberra Times” and if you would like the read the article, please click on the image below.


I am so very very grateful for the opportunities that this industry has given me, and to the community at large, that have entrusted me over the years to capture precious their memories.  If I could reach out and hug you all one by one I would, but I hope that my readers will, instead, share this GIVE-A-WAY with friends and family.  It’s my way of saying thank you, and my way of giving a little back to this beautiful community that I live in.

So what’s the deal?


We can chat about all things photography.  Bring your camera, and we will just have a play.  If you don’t have a digital SLR, never fear, I can show you on my camera, or we can just muck around on your iPhone.

Best of all, bring your kids.  We can have a little mini-session, and I will show just how I approach a photo-shoot.  I will even go through and edit a couple of the images with you, and as my gift to you, you can take home FIVE of the Full Resolution Digital Files home on USB.


Here is what you need to do.

1. Like my business Facebook Page – and/or follow me on Instagram.

2. Share my Facebook POST on your own timeline.  (and/or share this blog post on your timeline).

3. Email this blog post to a friend if you are not on Facebook. Make sure you copy me in

4. Leave a comment on this blog post and tell me what out of the above you have done, and why this prize would mean so much to you.

DRAWN – 3pm Friday 27 September.

Here are the finer details:-

1. This give away is for the everyday folk wishing to learn to use their digital SLR, and take better photos of their own children.  It is is also open for professional photographers, however, due to time limitations, business topics will not be available for discussion.

2.  This give -away is available for all.   Please feel free to enter no matter where you live, but travel expenses are your own responsibility.

3.  Support will be available either online or via the telephone for one week after our get together, to cover any of those lingering questions.

4.  Our get together will be approximately 4 hours, held in the afternoon on a day convenient to both of us.  This offer is valid for 6 Months after the day that it was drawn.

5.  This Give-Away is transferable, but not redeemable for cash.

7.  I may not be able to see if you have liked my business page unless you have set your privacy setting to allow me to see.  If your name is drawn, I will ask you to take a screen shot as proof.  I will also ask for proof of other entry clauses 🙂





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  • Robyn, I am so excited about this competition prize!!! I have Liked and Shared and would absolutely looooove to win this - not only to have a few shots by your talented self of my trio of kiddies but also to have the opportunity to learn from you!

    As you know, I have gotten a DSLR recently and been trying to learn how to use it. I am shooting heaps and enjoying it, but I still feel like there is this wall between the photos I take and the photos I *WANT* to take - I just don't know how to break down that wall but I have a feeling you could show me how to open a door through it! I would absolutely looooooove to spend this time learning from you and getting some family shots too :)

  • Karina McKoy said:

    Hi Robyn

    I've been following you on Facebook for a while now. Love your work- I'm a huge fan! I've shared this link on my Facebook page.
    Congrats on your win. It is very well deserved. And I love that you are being this generous!

    I would love to meet you. Simple as that!
    I've been taking photos for a while. I worked as a photographer with a popular wedding/portraiture photography company in my area (Newcastle) for a while a few years back. I started there shortly after I immigrated to Australia from the West Indies. These days I do a few weddings and some portraiture on my own. Your work has been very inspirational. I started out shooting film. and with the switch to digital, I find I'm not very good with post production (and when I worked for the company, we just shot the images, and a digi team did post production, so I never got that experience).

    I cannot say that I have a similar style or anything like that, but I've just really appreciated your art. I have been busy with studies and raising a young family, but photography is a passion I cannot seem to abandon, even when I just can't figure out where next....

    I'd love to learn from you.
    But more than that I'd just really like to meet you :)

    I do have a Facebook page for my photography (not for advertising, just for sharing my 'playing around' with family and friends. It's karina mckoy photography if you'd like to check it.


  • Hi Robyn,

    Congratulation on the award. Truly deserved! Very excited about your competition. My husband Chris and I bought a Canon DSLR on our honeymoon and are now trying hard to learn how to use it! So far we've managed to take a couple good shots of our two girls but it's definitely just been a fluke :)

    Talk about timing too - I decided that a good way to get us snapping is to get a bunch of friends and family together and set ourselves weekly assignments. This week is 'take a photo of a collection of things'. I even setup a blog to post our results each week -

    We've started to realise the more photos we shoot, the more we have to learn about photography. Composition, how to snap the kids when they're moving, how to focus on a particular object... I could go on!

    I would absolutely love to learn whatever I could from you (and get a leg-up on my friends and family)

    - Millie

  • Meghan Lawson said:

    This would be an amazing opportunity for me to learn from you as I try to negotiate my way around starting a business. I have liked your page. And shared.

  • Jan Johnman said:

    Hi Robyn
    I am entering your competition on behalf of Zoe and Fabian. Shh! they don't know I have done this and I would like to surprise them (should I be lucky). They have 3 beautiful littlies now and I know that Zoe does take digital photographs. But how much better it would be if they could learn more of the art and capture some of the magic that you have captured with Sean, Lisa and girls.

  • Ruby Gillett said:

    Hi Robyn

    Your work is amazing! So refreshing amongst all the pose-y studio family photography out there! I've liked you on FB and am following you on Instagram. I would LOVE to spend an afternoon with you! We have a DSLR that sadly stays on auto and, worse still, rarely leaves its case. It would be fantastic to have some great pics of our bub! I have about 2000 snaps from the last 10 months with blurry limbs, closed eyes and dark shadows! HELP!


  • Belinda Swan said:

    Hi Robyn
    I've liked your page and shared this post. Congratulations on your award and I think this competition is a wonderful idea! Between my husband and I we have five kids (from a toddler to teenagers) and I love chasing them around with our DSLR trying to capture those precious moments that fly by too quickly! I've done a basic how to use your DSLR class, but it would be AMAZING to spend an afternoon with you learning more about composition and lighting and how to capture the emotion and colour of the moment.

  • Amber K said:

    Hi Robyn,
    Congratulations on your title as Family Photographer of the year! I have just spent some time going over your older blog posts and your images are so striking, natural, fun and creative.

    I have liked your Facebook page and I have shared this post on my timeline (I hope that it encourages some of my Canberra friends to enter too).

    I have been using my DSLR camera for close to three years now. I was lined up to attend a one day workshop on how to move off auto but unfortunately I had to cancel. Out of necessity I chased down any online tutorial I could get my hands on and tried to make sense of the settings through my camera's manual and after A LOT of trial and error I slowly moved onto manual. Yay!

    There are two main reasons why I would love to spend an afternoon with you. Firstly, since I am self taught, I have some significant gaps in my technical knowledge. It would be so beneficial to chat with you and actually see a professional photographer take on a scene/available light and talk through your process.

    The second part of your prize really appeals to me too :) I take a lot of photos of my two children, Finn and Harper (probably way more than they would like!) but I would really love to have some photos of them taken by someone else. I really love seeing their distinct personalities through photographs and I'm intrigued to see what "moments" a photographer of your standard would capture :)
    Thank you,

  • Simon Ray said:

    Nice work! I know the competition at the APPA would have been tough.

  • Simon Ray said:

    AIPP even #stupidautocorrect

  • Isobel Logan said:

    I've liked and shared your post. I'd love to spend some time learning from you to better my photography skills. I've had my DSLR for a few years now and have recently started to get some idea about getting off auto and trying to do more in manual mode under the guidance of some other clever and generous ladies like yourself!
    It'd be great to get a different take on how and what to do. Would love to get some new ideas on taking shots of my 3 kids (12, 7 and 5) 'cos we're getting a bit stale, especially with my eldest growing up so quickly now and also wanting some creative ideas with the age gap.

  • Karen W said:

    Hi Robyn, hugest congrats to you on your win, you deserve it - your photos are gorgeous (& take centre stage in our family). I'm entering your comp on behalf of my friends Rae & Isaac who deserve to hae some memories to smile about right now. A session with you, an opportunity to learn how digital photography works & capping it off some images to treasure would make a huge difference to them. Well done again, & I will be in touch about our session soon!

  • Jodie said:


    Congratulations on your win - well deserved!

    I would feel incredibly blessed to have a few hours with you to talk about photography. It is a love of mine which I feel has stagnated, but has become of greater significance with recent events in my life and now my own family.

    With your help, I could make my images of my ever-changing family shine, memories to bring back a smile years after they were taken. Your help with both DSLR and my iphone, which is great for quick snaps but I also know I'm not getting the most out of, would be sensational.

    More than this, I'd love your help with the intangible - helping people feel comfortable so that you get the best out of them in a short time.

    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Jodie said:

    Oh, I have liked your page (and think I shared your post, but on the new Facebook, so not entirely sure!). Thanks :)

  • Hi Robyn! I've just entered your wonderful competition!! I've shared on facebook, follow you on instagram & have been a long time follower of your business page.
    Not only would i love to see how the BEST family photographer in Australia rocks her craft, i'd LOVE to get some photos with my little family as i'm always BEHIND the camera. Love your work, would LOVE to meet you!! Cheers, Jode

  • Tina said:

    Hi There
    I was excited to hear about this great contest. I am a very amateur photographer who loves nature and landscape photography but am terrified of Portrait photography because I have no clue what I am doing. Id love to learn. I've liked, shared, followed on Instagram (feel free to follow me @tinkertines) and have emailed a friend. I think I have all bases covered! Congrats on your win and thank you for this great opportunity.

  • john bray said:

    Hi Robyn, I'm typing this as my wife is sitting beside me prodding and pleading for me to post this and like your page in order for her to get this one in a lifetime chance to spend some time with you and possibly pick up some pointers on how to improve her photography. She started with an old clunker of a camera years ago before the digital age, enjoying many an hour in a darkroom as she took courses in school to learn more. With kids and career keeping her busy, she hasn't had nearly enough time to pursue this interest and further her abilities. Over the past couple of years she has gotten the bug again, even updating her equipment with new lenses and all. She seldom leaves the house now without camera bag in hand and the kids have all taken to hiding their faces when she approaches. I know that if she gets this opportunity, it would be a definite highlight for and something that she will always be able to cherish. thanks for listening....she says i can stop typing now....

    • john bray said:

      Hi Robyn, I've just been told that I forgot to say that i like and shared your post. I have. I also have to say even though I don't share this particular interest with my wife, some of your work that she has shown me this evening is incredible. Thanks again for listening.