Happy Birthday Will [Canberra Childrens Photography]

This time, 12 years ago, I was holding this little man in my arms for the first time.   When I looked into that squishy little face, I couldn’t have possibly imagined what an amazing young man he would eventually grow into.  I think I say this from year to year, and this year is no exception.  I feel truly blessed.

Happy Birthday beautiful Will

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  • sarah said:

    He is growing up to be such a handsome guy Robyn, beautiful images :-)

  • Narrelle said:

    Happy Birthday to Will. He's so gorgeous, and very lucky to have a mama like you. xx

  • He is such a handsome little soul. Love these shots of him, and happy birthday gorgeous one. xx

  • Kim said:

    So handsome and the photos are perfect

  • Dani B said:

    Aww, Happy Birthday Will. You must be so proud.

  • What a great looking boy Robyn - these are fantastic shots of your now 12 year old!!

  • Such a handsome and centred looking boy Rob, you must be very proud, and how lucky he is to have such an amazing mama. Happy Birthday Will!

  • IamMel said:

    Such a beautiful boy, he has the sweetest face. Happy Birthday to your son. x