Life with a 9 Month Old [Canberra Portrait Photographer]

This little man is destined for wonderful things, cause is Mumma is one of the most beautiful people I know.

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  • Kate & Raph said:

    Robyn, these are so beautiful! I always knew that Raphael was gorgeous but your photos have captured his spirit and grace so brilliantly. Thank you! I especially love the way you've captured the intimacy of the mother-child bond in the breastfeeding photos. They will be treasured. Thank you. X

    • administration said:

      So so so happy that you love them Kate. More to come shortly.

  • Rachel said:

    Oh my! Just gorgeous :) What gorgeous eyes he has too.

    • administration said:

      Thank you Rachel. He does have gorgeous eyes doesn't he.

  • How absolutely beautiful. Love the light, and the bond, and the love. Amazing, Robyn.

    • administration said:

      Thank you lovely lady.

  • Janet said:

    what a spunky little dude! And those big blues!!

    • administration said:

      He's gorgeous isn't he Janet. Thanks

  • Lea said:

    That is the happiest baby ever!!!

    Truely gorgeous! x

    • administration said:

      Thanks Lea

  • sophie said:

    Priceless Robyn, just priceless! Beautiful work as always.

    • administration said:

      Thanks Sophie :-)