Life With Boys [Canberra Family Photographer]

It is with great pleasure that I introduce this crazy, gorgeous family.  I met Sophie a couple of years ago via the wonderful world of Cyberspace, and finally in person about a year ago.  I love that.  I love that I can connect with the most amazing people in a way that I never would have dreamed of doing 10 years ago.   Sophie and her husband Paul, are the talent behind Kisschasey Photography and Elbow Room Productions.

Well just a couple of weeks ago, Sophie invited me into her world with such an act of generosity, in the form of a weekend at the beach.  This shoot was entirely about their family as a whole, their togetherness.  As photographers, we can take beautiful images of our own children, but whole family shots are a little tricky 🙂  Well this is Soph’s life, crazy, and energetic  and bursting with love from the seams.   These little boys are the ultimate surfy boys, with no fear and a zest for life.  None of these images are perfect in a traditional sense, but when is life ever perfect.  What I love most about shooting this session is the time that I spent with this family, learning their hope on dreams for the future.  I can’t wait to see where life takes them.

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  • So very beautiful Robyn. Sophie must be so excited !
    I know I would.

    Think you need to come and stay with me soon.

  • Sophie said:

    Dearest Rob, I could have died with longing when I got the message that the photos were up on your blog, but I was driving to a shoot so couldn't see them right then : ) Have stopped to pull the laptop out to view them in their full beauty! Patience is not something i'm endowed with.

    A wonderful wonderful gift from you to us and our boys. I'm going to make a book with these and one day many years from now they can sit with their kids and show them all about their time when they were young. You've captured that and is it is priceless!

    Thank you from the bottom of ALL of our hearts xx

  • I adore these Robyn. As a mum to two boys too, these are just fabulous and encapsulate just what it's like. Exhausting but SO much fun. xx

  • Oh my goodness, these are so perfectly beautiful!!! What a gorgeous family you have Sophie, captured by the amazing Rob. xxx

  • man oh man i adore these......i agree such a lovely family, vibrant and energetic just like you are miss robyn.. these images are perfect for these guys..

  • Kris El Bayeh said:

    I want to join this family. How fun are they !!!! Beautiful images Robyn. Just amazing.

  • Hayley said:

    Fantastic shoot Robyn! I can't imagine these little boys dropping their lip next time mum suggests a photo shoot...they obviously had a blast! Life is not all 'sit in a row and smile'''it's unpredictable and exhausting and fun! These photos truly made me smile...and the ones on the cliff would make great wall art for Sophie and her gorgeous family!

  • Rachel said:

    These are fantastic! So much fun and love - perfect!

  • cass said:

    When I read your text and realised who you had shot, I felt all kinds of nerves on your behalf. Sophie is just incredible and to be asked to photograph her family? An honour and a nightmare! Too much to live up to!

    But then look at this session. Honestly, you have produced something so beautiful, so warm, so full of life, I feel like I could reach through my screen and give them all a hug and a high five (and a darn good tickle while I'm at it). These are stunning and you should be so so proud.

    What a perfect session.

  • sarah said:

    I smiled and giggled the whole way through looking at these, what a fun shoot with a fabulous family!!

  • amanda said:

    So much fun and gorgeous boy energy!! Captured so beautifully Rob.

  • Lea said:

    Awww .. how cute are they !?!??!

    Absolutely adorable xx

  • mark said:

    Such beautiful pictures of a wonderful and happy family. Good to see that someone can capture that special something that we see every time we see your family Sophie.

  • Tin said:

    OHHH the fun!! it's so energetic :-)))) life with boys you captured it sooo good!