Mini Sessions

Mini Session

Do you have a small family?

These sessions are perfect for you.   These sessions are for the one child family (6 Months or over).  They are also perfect for couples with a fur child (or couples without).

They are a short, sharp and sweet thirty minute photo-sessions.  An all-inclusive package containing a framed print and 10 Digital Files.

My favourite place to shoot Mini Sessions is in the comfort of your own home.  On your bed or in your lounge room.   In-home photoshoots have much more flexibility with timing because we are not working around the Golden hour.  This means that I can schedule your session around your child’s nap time.

Outdoor sessions are photographed within the first 2 hours after sunrise, or the last 2 hours before sunset.  I have loads of gorgeous ideas for locations, but I would love to hear your ideas to.  Places that are special to you always have more meaning.

Remember, these are Mini – Sessions.  If you are after something a little more in-depth, with access to more products such as albums, you may with to go for a Standard Family Session.


What happens if we need more time? Don’t worry, these sessions can be converted into standard family sessions.  This can be done at any point.  My session fee for my family session is $200, so other monies paid can be either used as credit towards your chosen products.

What should we wear?  My most common question.  So much so, I have dedicated a whole page to the question.  Take a look HERE for a few of my thoughts and ideas.

I love the idea of having my Photoshoot at home, what does this involve?

It goes without saying that the best light in the house is always Mum and Dad’s bedroom, so this is a place that I will often start shooting.    I can do an entire photoshoot on Mum and Dad’s bed if this works for you and this often works well in half an hour.   I always recommend freshly ironed white doona covers for these sessions, for a more timeless feel.  If you don’t have white, lighter block colours are great to, along with simple patterns, or even patchwork quilts.  Please try to avoid dark or bright colours that will reflect colour casts back up onto your faces.  Also bold patterns or logos can be very distracting.

There are so many other things we can do just in your home, and here are some ideas that I love.  Snuggling on the couch. Swinging on the hammock strung between the trees in your back yard.  Feeding the chickens.  Playing in the cubby house.      The list goes on.

In home photography sessions are not about making it into the next edition of “Home Beautiful” – you really don’t have to have a perfect designer home.  They are all about you, and what represents your world.  Cleaning up, making beds and decluttering before I arrive helps me out a lot as we only have 30 minutes, but don’t stress too much.   It is my job to spot distractions as we go.

We would prefer to have our Photoshoot outside, but have no idea of location.  Can you suggest a location?

I have lots of great ideas up my sleeve.  Canberra has plenty of beautiful locations that include the lakes, rivers, forests, open paddocks.  I am also happy to jump into your car and head up into the Brindabella’s, or Tidbinbilla, or out onto your property.  If I am travelling to you, I will charge out of pocket expenses only.