Pure Love [Canberra Family Portrait Photographer]

There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to how illness strikes – It is beyond my comprehension.   All this beautiful family wanted was the love to show in their eyes.


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  • Lou said:

    Gosh - what a beautiful family you've captured Robyn! Full of life and love!

    I adore that second last shot with mum and her gorgeous little boy! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jayne said:

    I can see that love :) Beautiful family!

  • Oh Robyn, you have captured so much joy in this beautiful little family. How happy does that little boy look! His parents obviously love him to pieces.

  • Jodie said:

    Such a beautiful family beautifully captured!

  • Oh Robyn, these are just lovely. Gorgeous little family, and I just love the bond and connection you have captured. They all look so happy.

  • Peta said:

    Such a beautiful session. The second last shot is just magic!

  • Hayley said:

    I love how you capture joy Robyn...it's a gift.

  • Rachel said:

    Beautiful photos. My favourite was the first family one...and then I kept scrolling and found another favourite and then another favourite. heehee
    Great location too - I LOVE the leaves.

  • Cass said:

    What delicious light you've captured, Robyn! And is this family open for new members, because I'd like to throw my hat in the ring in order to be a part of that sweet love circle. Delicious session!

  • So much love, so much joy. I adore these. Magical. x

  • What an adorable little boy and a beautiful loving family, not to mention stunning location, love the colours!

  • Dani B said:

    Oh goosebumps, the love is definitely in their eyes. Gorgeous images.

  • Gray said:

    I adore the family love and sparkle that shines in this beautiful family's eyes. What a cute little boy ... he looks so happy to be handing out with this family in the leaves! Love it!

  • The look on Mum's face in that second to last photo brought a tear to my eyes. Robyn, this is such a gorgeous session and there is something magical about the light and the way this family just "is" with each other. What beautiful, beautiful memories of this family.

  • Kerry said:

    Such amazing beautiful photography of a beautiful family you have captured Robyn. All the best to them at this time.

  • Eloise said:

    Wow these are all beautiful! Just perfect!

  • Ellie said:

    Every image is full of emotion and love. You have doe a great job at capturing this beautiful famliy and their love for one another.

  • Marnie said:

    What a beautiful session Robyn - can definitley feel the love :) That 2nd last one made me tear up too

  • WOW these images make me want to roll in autumn leaves with my children while giggling out of control!!
    These guys are just adorable Robyn. Captured so free spirited and carefree. Just gorgeous!

  • dani said:

    so gorgeous, what a gorgeous family! I can feel the love in each image, just beautiful xx

  • Whint said:

    Wow what a beautiful little family... there is certainly a lot of love showing there... LOVE so many shots... especially the 2nd last shot of mumma and her gorgeous boy... and the one of all three together laying down shot from above.... these are just perfect :)

  • Melinda said:

    Their love is shining through, these are gorgeous!

  • Oh Robyn, this is such a beautiful collection of portraits, I love the ones where all three of them are lying in the autumn leaves, just gorgeous. Such a loving family.

  • These images are pure magic, so filled with love and joy. I love the little guy looking on adoringly as his parents kiss! Beautiful!

  • Deb said:

    Beautiful shots Rob, what a gorgeous family!

  • oh goodness the love that you can so clearly see between this family is breathtaking.. just lovely......

  • These are so genuinely beautiful ... you can feel their love emanating through the images. Just gorgeous!

  • Leonie said:

    Oh my, so precious. That second last image takes my breath away.

  • Janet said:

    Robyn what a beautiful session, so much love in this collection

  • Erin Byrne said:

    Wow, what a beautiful session Robyn. Gorgeous family, gorgeous location. You can really see how much these guys love each other.