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APPA 2013 Award Book [Canberra Award Winning Photographer]

APPA 2013 Award Book [Canberra Award Winning Photographer]
I cannot tell you how excited I was to receive the 2013 APPA Awards Book in the post the other day. The minute it arrived I curled up on the couch with my family and we spent many  happy hours poring through the pages together. It’s that sort of book. Some of the images are dramatic, some funny, some magical, some heart-wrenching, but every single one is beautiful and[...]

Growing [Canberra Children’s Photographer]

Growing [Canberra Children's Photographer]
I have known this family too many years to remember now.  Nerida and I worked together, for maybe 10 years I think.  It is kinda crazy to think back to my life back then and to compare our lives now and to see just how much we have both grown and changed as our lives have taken different courses.  I have seen each of these beautiful children born, and intermittently i[...]