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Family Gatherings [Canberra family photographer]

Family Gatherings [Canberra family photographer]
For those of you that have followed me on my journey as a family photographer, you will know that I have worked in the industry for nearly 10 years now.  Over that time, I have become one of Australia’s leading family photographers.  Not only have I won the AIPP’s ACT Family Photographer of the year, I have also been very humbled in winning the AIPP’s AUSTRALIAN Famil[...]

It’s been a while [Canberra Family Photographer]

It's been a while [Canberra Family Photographer]
It has been a while between blog posts. It's time to change that. One thing that I have realised about myself, is that I am clearly not the greatest of multi-taskers, and when I throw myself into something, I let other things slip by the wayside a little. Blogging has been one of those little things I let slip though. My winter has been somewhat consumed by updatin[...]