The Outback [Canberra Portrait Photographer]

Since THIS post, I have decided that life is way too short not to live it.  Travelling is something that I have always loved, and we as a family have always loved, and amongst the hectic pace, we will take time out to do.  I don’t mean travelling for work, I mean travelling for pleasure, I mean taking time out to really experience, for these experiences are what help us to grow, as people and as a family.

So the long and the short of it is, every year, we will make the time, the space and of course set aside the money, to make this happen.  It is about prioritising what is important to us.  With this in mind, I just wanted to share a few holiday snaps of our journey to the Northern Territory.  This truly was a Griswalds outback adventure with our mode of transport – the Motorhome.   The Red Centre, up the track to the Top End, two weeks really wasn’t enough time.

PS – It was HOT……..

PPS – Sorry about the excessive number of photos


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  • Rana said:

    This is brilliant Robyn, you make me want to make my dream of taking my kids on this trip a reality. Looks like you made amazing memories!!

  • love.. and so does my 7 year old boys. .they've just asked me when we can go...

  • tracy said:

    what a trip! a truly magical place.

  • katie said:

    Wow. I love them! Some stunning light up there. What perfect memories for you guys :)

  • Peta said:

    Wow! Just amazing! We really do live in a beautiful country.

  • Tin said:

    amazing amazing... what a beautiful country!

  • Penny Wettern said:

    awesome !!!!

  • Grzegorz said:

    One of the most powerfull sets I have ever seen. Masterpiece! Robyn the Great!

  • Lea said:

    Um .. WOW!!

    How incredible an experience .. amazing.. x

  • Erica said:

    What an awesome adventure Robyn. It's also such a good reminder to make the time to do these things.

  • SO totally awesome Rob, you and your little family are inspirational, I want to plan that trip now - we have talked about it for a while now, I think we need to put it into action - it looks AMAZING!!!! x

  • Aleza said:

    What an amazing adventure together! Brings back memories of our trip ... now I need to go again! :D

  • Beautiful snaps...We can enjoy our natural beauty from these kinds of brilliant photography.Thank you

  • Rana said:

    ahhhhhhhh revisiting this as I plan my Geering inspired outback adventure!