What to Wear


Families and Children

I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, and I love to photograph my clients in the same way. Jeans always look great, whatever the colour. Hats are cool too, they make great props for both boys and girls. Or you could jazz things up with striped leggings, coloured tights and a sparkly tutu. Dress-ups are always fun!

Being outside is a very important part of my work. I love to see kids enjoying the natural world – throwing leaves in the air, splashing in puddles, playing in the mud. So leave your stilettos and stockings at home. All you’ll need is a sense of adventure (and some spare clothes for the kids).

Maternity and Newborns

Maternity can range from bright, bold and fun, to vintage-inspired, to a little more daring. How daring is totally up to you! Flowing dresses and skirts look great, so do jeans unbuttoned at the waist, and jackets and shirts that can be left open to reveal your bump.  After all, this is a celebration of you and your beautiful belly!

Your new bub looks best in simple outfits, singlets, nappies with cute nappy covers or nothing at all. I love wrapping bubs in beautiful blankets, quilts and Nana’s homemade love. I have a couple of gorgeous goodies I always bring along, but bring out those lovely new wraps, swaddles, hats and nappy covers – they will make your photo session much more personal.


No Logos Please

They really do distract from your beautiful faces, and of course they date your images very quickly.  T-Shirts with writing or slogans can do the same.

Big Bold Patterns

These can make your images too busy, and can clash with the surroundings.  Think about how your outfits work together – if Dad is wearing checks, Mum is wearing floral, big sister wearing spots, and little brother wearing stripes, the whole scene will just not work. It will be far too busy.   One person wearing a pattern is usually enough.

Are You Clashing With Your Surroundings

Think about your surroundings.  Do you clash or do you blend in.  If we are shooting inside your home and your lounge has Floral fabric covers, then it may not work for you to be wearing a checked shirt.

All Matching

This is another big NO NO.  By this I mean, everyone wearing jeans and white t-shirts.  This styling is a very yesteryear.


Pick 3 or 4 colours that you can all wear, and have different people wearing different amounts of it.   The more people in our photo-shoot, the more important this becomes (for my Extended Family groups, I suggest that you choose 3 colours only).   I have included a couple of ideas below so you can see exactly what I mean.

What to Wear