What’s in a Picture [Canberra Children’s Photographer]

For me, one image is never enough.  Give me two, three, nine or more, and there you have a story.    A story of this perfect moment in time.

The sandy toes, the curls, the eyelashes, the chubby thighs, the game we played, it all deserves to be captured, to be remembered as part of the story of childhood.


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  • Sophie said:

    You are the best in the business at storyboards my dear : ) This is heavenly!

    • administration said:

      Thanks lovely Sophie.

    • administration said:

      Thanks Sarah

  • Rach said:

    I could stare at this for hours. Beautiful!

    • administration said:

      Nawww, thanks so much Rach.

  • Kate said:

    This is beautiful Robyn. I really love the muted tones and for us, her family, it's wonderful that you've captured the sandy story - where's your mouth? where's your belly button? where's your fingers? Too gorgeous! x

    • administration said:

      Thanks Kate, you guessed it.