Why I Do What I Do [Canberra Portrait Photographer]

Earlier this year, I photographed a beautiful family.  Their story of love and hope touched my heart more than they will ever realise.  On the 1st of September this year, Margaret quietly slipped away, surrounded by the people in the world who love her the most.

Through all of the grief that followed, Jaime took the time to write me this email.


I simply can not tell you in words how important the photographs that you took of Margaret and the family are to me. I look at them EVERY single day. Many times for much longer than I should, but I can’t help it they give me such joy to see Margaret is such a beautiful setting.  If I said I’ve looked at them 100 times that would be a lie because its been much much more than that.  Each time I do my day instantly turns brighter. I knew then that it was important to take the photos but I never could have imagined just how important they would actually become.  Thank you they mean sooo much to me; without question, less the children, the photos of Margaret are my single MOST dearest and prized possession.

Kind Regards, Jaime[/quote]

This email is now stuck to my computer.  It keeps me focused, it keeps me loving what I do.  It also reminds me of the fragility of life.

In Loving Memory of Margaret Chanez

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  • This post gave me goosebumps and reminded me of why I do this job too. Margaret looks like she was surrounded by love and looks so very relaxed and peaceful in these images. What a wonderful thing that they got to have a family photo session and now have these most prized possessions. Much love to this family xoxx

  • Hayley said:

    Goosebumps too Robyn. How wonderful to be able to make a difference to peoples lives like this xx

  • I commented on FB already, but just again wanted to read the words in that email. At a devastatingly sad time for that family - how truly wonderful and precious that they have images like these to hold on to. I am glad that you do what you do!

  • Robyn, you are awesome, thank you for sharing and reminding us all just how precious what we do is to the people we have hire us to take their portraits for them. x

  • I am so glad these children have these beautiful photos to remember their mother by, such a precious gift.

  • Rob… I totally get what you mean. These images are amazing, and Jaime's words are so raw, so powerful. There really is no greater thing to have to hold close for this family.

  • Bec said:

    yeah i totally felt the goosebumps. I'm sad for the family, and as you said, life is so fragile. Beautiful images, I'm glad they have these to remember her by.
    Lovely post.