Yellow [Canberra Portrait Photographer]

This blog post is brought to you by the colour yellow.

Last week, I started a little personal project.  Yellow, you challenged me, and that’s a good thing, so thank you for that.   I know that this mass of colour is destined for my walls, so off to seek Pink now.


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  • sophie said:

    I love the way you see things Robyn : ) Colour candy for my eyeballs.

    • administration said:

      Thanks Sophie, for your lovely comment :-)

  • Eloise said:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE can't wait to see other colours too :)

    • administration said:

      Thanks so muck Eloise, for your lovely comment, I'm enjoying doing it :-)

  • tine said:

    I love yellow... and these pictures!! Can't believe it's so hot at your side of the world. Stay cool Xx

    • administration said:

      Thanks lovely Tine, it's been unbearably hot here. Hope your staying warm :-)

  • Louise Fletcher said:

    Gorgeous Robyn - such fun and Hhappy images. Fabulous project. Have always meant to do a "rainbow" project. This might be the year. Love the red too. Can't wait for the pink.

    • administration said:

      Thanks Louise. I like that, a rainbow project :-)

    • administration said:

      Thanks Rachel :-)

  • Peta said:

    I love this little project of yours Robyn. I can't wait to see Pink.

  • Liz said:

    Oh very cool! I can't wait to see what's next :)