A couple of weekends ago, I was excited to be invited to join a group of amazing women to share a weekend together.  Just a group of creatives that enjoy everything that I enjoy ie photography, food, the outdoors, and beautiful things.  We cooked (and ate too much), we went for long strolls, we made new friends and we talked about our creative goals.  This was the brain child of Luisa Brimble, and I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity.  Luisa is simply one of the most generous people I have ever met.  Special thanks also have  to go to Lizzy Easton who welcomed us to stay at her stunning property, Mount Henry, and Binda, NSW.   Thank you so much for looking after us Lizzy, and for introducing me to your beautiful part of NSW.  2019-03-26_00032019-03-26_00312019-03-26_00012019-03-26_00132019-03-26_00022019-03-26_00042019-03-26_00082019-03-26_00052019-03-26_00062019-03-26_00092019-03-26_00072019-03-26_00322019-03-26_00102019-03-26_00442019-03-26_00272019-03-26_00262019-03-26_00342019-03-26_00122019-03-26_00192019-03-26_00202019-03-26_00282019-03-26_00242019-03-26_00162019-03-26_00432019-03-26_00112019-03-26_0036