Life has been a little crazy for me over the last couple of weeks/months, as I have just come through some of the busiest months ever for my business, whilst preparing for the State Awards which brought such great success.  On top of this, I have been juggling my three beautiful children, the ups and down of life with two teenagers in the house now.

What a wonderful year I have had though.  In just two days time, my whole family will board the plane to head for Europe to enjoy 6 glorious weeks of glorious roaming around Europe, soaking up the culture, the atmosphere, the castles, the art, the food and wine, the scenery, not to mention 6 weeks of 24/7 with my favourite people in the world.

The house sitters are just about to move in, the bags are nearly packed, Harriet’s chest infection is, well, raging – sigh, not sure why one of my kids always gets sick just before we leave for holidays.

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So until the 12th of August, Bon Voyage.

And just two beautiful girls from a recent session doing exactly what I plan to do shortly – relaxing, and just having fun.