Covid – Safe Plan

There is nothing more important to me than the safety of your family and the safety of my own.  This Covid Safe Plan will be updated regularly and in accordance with the current restrictions and public health advice changes.  Please check back here for the latest information and stay up to date with restrictions and public health advice at


1. Outdoor Photography Sessions within the ACT borders – A photographer is permitted to work outdoors and must work soloWhen photographing a person or people, a photographer must maintain physical distancing at all times, wear a mask and ensure that the services are provided in a contactless way.  Mask wearing for photographers working outside is mandated until the 29th of October, after which, face masks will no longer be required outdoors.

2. In-home photography within the ACT borders –  With the lifting of the lockdown from 15 October 2021, indoor photography is now permitted to go ahead, within the density rules of one person per four square metres.  Face Masks will be required by the photographer at all times, with no indication as to when this mandate will end.  


From 11 October 2021, new rules are in place for fully vaccinated people in NSW.  Myself, and any staff, are required to be double vaccinated. Please see my vaccination status below.   I will require proof of your vaccination status.

From the 16th of October, ACT residents can travel freely from these NSW postcodes for any reason, and NSW from the same postcodes can come into the ACT for any reason.   When working in NSW, my business must abide by NSW Covid laws.  This includes the following

From Monday the 11th of October, business will be able to return to work under the NSW Roadmap Announcement (9th September 2021), and NSW Public orders.

1.  Outdoor Sessions can resume when 70% of the population is double vaccinated – 11th of October.  Up to 50 fully vaccinated people (including un-vaccinated children under 16) can gather in an outdoor setting.

2. In Home photography sessions can resume when 80% of the population is double vaccinated.  Date to be advised.  Up to 10 participants (including dependents) for in-home sessions.  All participants ove the age of 16 must be double vaxxed.

Face masks must be worn by the photographer at all times.  Client’s may remove their fitted face covering under the Face Mask exception from 11 October whereby – “providing goods and services and you need to remove your mask to provide those goods or services properly”  A person who removed the fitted face covering under this clause, must resume wearing as soon as practicable after the photoshoot has finsished.

The photographer must be a registered business with an ABN and undertaking a paid service.

Business Name: Robyn Geering Photography

ABN:  67 456 862 806

Plan Completely by: Robyn Geering

Date Reviewed: 11 October 2021

For your safety, Robyn Geering has been fully vaccinated with both Whooping Cough (for Newborn Client’s), and Astra Zeneca, as per my schedule below.

Ensure physical distancing

Both the client and the photographer must remain a minimum of 1.5 m from each other at all times.

Only members of the same household can be photographed together indoors

To minimise the build-up of people, photography locations will be selected based on them being a safe distance away from other members of the public.

All transactional activity will be undertaken online.

Final Products will be posted directly to your place of residence, rather than my usual personal delivery service.

Wear a Face Covering

A face mask will be worn by the photographer at all times throughout the photography session.

Unless lawful exception applies, all people 12 will wear a face mask and only remove that face covering  for the duration of the photography session.

Cloth masks will be washed each day after use and disposable masks will be discarded.

Keep records and act quickly if anybody becomes unwell

Contact details for all persons being photographed will be collected prior to the session.

The importance of not attending/rescheduling if unwell will be reinforced and is applicable to both the client and the photographer.

Any exposure to a person with Covid-19 will result in the closure of my business until it is declared safe to re-open by the relevant authorities.

In the event that the client/photographer comes into contact with a person with Covid-19, they shall notify the client/photographer immediately and will not schedule a photography session until they have received a negative test result.

Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces

Airflow will be enhanced by opening windows and doors where possible during an in home session.

Where practical, photos will be taken in open spaces such as the front/backyard