Are you a foodie or do you come from a family where food is what brings your family together?

I’ve had an idea brewing around in my head for a while (maybe even years), and it involves a free photoshoot for the right family.

For those of you that have followed me on my journey as a family photographer, you will know that I have worked in the industry for nearly 10 years now.  Over that time, I have become one of Australia’s leading family photographers.  Not only have I won the AIPP’s ACT Family Photographer of the year, I have also been very humbled in winning the AIPP’s AUSTRALIAN Family Photographer of the year.  Add that to a swag of other awards AIPP awards, I have also been a finalist in the prestigious Head On Photography Awards.  Now an AIPP Master of photography, I have also been fortunate enough photograph many high profile families,  been asked to speak at some major industry photography events, run workshops and been interviewed for multiple publications including The Canberra Times.

This last year or two, has seen a huge shift for me.   Whilst documenting families will always remain a love of mine and a core part of my business, I have also been moving into a different area of photography.  I’ve taken my documentary approach to family photography, and applied that to food/lifestyle photography, and loving the direction that I am headed with this.  Watch this space.

So I’ve wondered what would happen if I combined both of these two loves together.  To explore family sessions with a difference.  To document family gatherings, that come together with food in mind. Families that are brought together with their love of creating.  “Foodie families”.  People that love to gift their families with their love of cooking, no mater what the cultural heritage, of course the decoration is also important for this, so the use of beautiful oriental patterns and colors in rugs could help make the photo shoot more beautiful and colorful.   I simply love the idea of paddock to plate, or different cultures passing down recipes, of Nona’s sharing the gift of pasta making with their grandchildren, or Thai curry pastes being made from scratch, or Sunday afternoon local market visits resulting in fresh food and flowers to share from the Deer Park flower shop online.  Whether this be country or inner city, in the mountains or at the beach.  Whether this is a picnic, or over a camp stove, in your country homestead or modern home, I’m interested.

In my mind, these sessions would make great coffee style photo books (see HERE for one of my family albums, to get a feel for what I do), so maybe this can be more than just a family session.  It could become a keep sake for your children or grandchildren, where a favourite recipe or two could also be shared, and set in stone for generations to come.  The sky is the limit here, and I would love to hear your ideas to.

For now, I’m simply after families to practice on.  I imagine that I will need a minimum of 3 families.    I’m looking to start building a portfolio in this area.

My Canberra based portrait sessions are usually $2000.00 – $3000.00, however, I will be giving away these sessions for FREE, but I need to find the right families to start with, as the images will be used for all of my marketing needs.  So here is what I am looking for –

  1. Families, families, families.   Of the sessions I shoot, I am looking for one inter-generational family.  I’d also love to have the opportunity to photograph different cultures.
  2. These photo-shoots will be held over my quiet season, which is winter.  So the sessions will be held from June to August.
  3. As these photo shoots will be used for my marketing, a signed business agreement and release must be signed, to cover all members included in the shoot.
  4. Again, as these sessions will be used for marketing purposes, I will require a certain level of styling.  By this, I mean clothing, and the environment that we shoot.  This is something that I am happy to discuss with you, as if we are styling a bush, beach or mountain scene, requirements will be different to shooting in your home.
  5. I am based in Canberra, but happy to travel for the right family, so don’t be shy.  Say hi. I’d even be happy to head to Tassie, or NZ (cause I’m needing an excuse to go).
  6. The family will received all edited files in full resolution.  I imagine there will be between 100 – 200.  From one of the sessions, I will be designing and printing a book for my studio use.  If you would also like a copy of the book, it will be available to you for cost price only.  If you would like to use the images for commercial use, let me know.  I am happy to collaborate.  If you would like a book regardless, let me know.  I am sure we can sort something out.

If you think this is your family, let me know.  If you know of someone else that might fit the bill, please can you share.   Please share far and wide.   You can email me on or phone me on 0431 481 181.  I want to know about you, and why food brings you together.  If you have any photos, please share them with me (iPhone photos are just fine).  Photos of you,  the place you call home and the food you cook.    It is not a requirement, but just putting it out there to the universe – if you have a beautiful/quirky/rustic home – let me know, or if you are adventurous, and love the idea of a picnic on the beach or in the bush or mountains – let me know.  This could even be at your holiday house.  Hit me with your thoughts.  I’m happy to work with you on this one.


PS, thanks to the very talented Food Stylist Sarah O’Brien for Styling these scenes.