This may seem like old news, but for me, I have just returned from my adventures in Europe to see my feature in “The Canberra Times” (Canberra’s Newspaper).  Infact, it made the cover story of the “Relax” magazine, the Sunday supplement on July the 21st.

I was interviewed for the story the week before I left to go to Europe, so I was aware that the story may go to print whilst I was abroad.  It was just so wonderful to come home on Saturday to see the hard copy.  Not only my excitement though, for you can only imagine the “street cred” that my children have been getting through having their photos in “The Canberra Times”.  I’m enjoying this fleeting moment of being a super cool Mum.  Give it a couple of weeks, and I will just be Mum again.

I just wanted to send my thanks to journalist, Hamish Boland-Rudder – brilliant article, and of course the editor of the “Relax” Magazine, Karen Hardy.

And of course, here is the story.  Please excuse the low resolution of these files, as it has clearly affected the clarity of the images.  Hoping you can overlook this to read the story.