[two-columns][column1]The first two weeks of your baby’s life are so precious – you can’t believe she’s real, but you don’t know how you ever lived without her. This is the time I capture in my newborn photography sessions. It is a special time, a time that is over before you know it. After those first two weeks your baby becomes more alert, more aware of the world, and those curly sleepy moments are gone forever.

I love the simplicity of a posed sleepy shot. The squidgy arms and legs, the little tummy, the perfect toes. But I also want to tell the story of your family. I want to capture the brothers and sisters bouncing around the baby, the look on Dad’s face as he holds her to his chest, the soft toys in the cot. These are the things that make your photographs memorable. My aim is to create an intimate story about you and your baby that you will cherish for years to come.[/column1]Photographing a new baby is a gentle and beautiful thing, and it takes much longer than a standard photography session. For 3 hours I will be at your home, laughing with your children, blending into family life and taking photographs. This allows me to capture your family in a relaxed and comfortable way, and adds to the beautiful memories you are creating with your baby.

I adore photographing newborns, but I also love capturing the whole story. When you book in for a Newborn session, pay just $195 extra, for a Maternity add-on session or $195 extra for a babies first day, (or take both Add-Ons for $395) and you combine your order.