If you follow my work, either here, or on Facebook, or even on Instagram, you will probably know of my passionate desire to turn those digital images into prints.  It doesn’t matter whether they are framed, printed to canvas, placed in albums, photo-books, it just matters that they see the light of day, and don’t end up being shoved in a draw somewhere, to spend their remaining years on a DVD, or a USB.   After-all, I am a busy mother of three gorgeous children, I know what it is like to have all good intentions, but as we all know, life gets in the way.

Having the digital images is amazing, but what on earth do you do with them all.   Well I have spent months collecting ideas that I am so happy to share right HERE.

Needing more help?  Well my friends at Country Road have put together an easy “How to Hang a Picture Frame Wall” video, that is a must see before you take hammer and nails to the wall.  This short video clip will show you what materials you will need, along with a brilliant step by step process that shows you how to take measurements, and consider proportions.

And some helpful hints here