I was only going to share a couple of images, but this journey was just way too epic.  I could not decide what images to post and what to leave out.  There are still many many more images to share, but for now – here we go.

At the end of August, I was blessed to share in an adventure of a life time.  An adventure that enabled me to follow a photography dream of mine.  A dream that has been welling away in me for ages.   Over the years, I have been admiring the photography of Luisa Brimble.   It’s pretty easy to get lost in the beauty of her imagery, and this is exactly what happened to me.   It’s the type of work that leaves you wanting to dive straight through your computer screen to be part of every single scene.  So when the opportunity arose for me to be part of those scenes, I absolutely leaped.

Through Luisa, I was blessed to meet Sarah Glover, a chef with a wild passion for outdoor cooking over campfire.  An adventurer with an ability to bring people together with her food.   A carefree soul who lives and breathes her philosophies as a chef.

Along with 5 other exceptional women, Tania, Meesha, Madison, Steph and Aleah, we ate, drank and photographed the weekend away on a Private Island just of the east coast of Tasmania, called Satellite Island.  I cannot forget to mention the caretaker of the Island, Richard.  You were simply amazing.  And Maggie, assistant chef extraordinaire.

Over the weekend, we learned the art of adventure cooking over campfires, foraging for wild ingredients.   Learning to shuck oysters straight off the rocks, and what part of Uni (sea urchins), can be eaten.  We ate the most magnificent fresh food among the beauty of the Tasmanian winter wilderness.

Then if things couldn’t get any better, we were joined by Jardine Hansen from Jardine Botanic Floral Styling and of I was in heaven.  Jardine brought her magic to Pearl, the cutest wooden row boat, and we hit the water for some fun.

We ended our adventure with a feast on the top of the island, with venison caught early on the island, and organic wines delivered to us by Forbes from Franklins Restaurant in Hobart.  A massive bonfire, great conversions with everyone, dancing of course, and a bundle of new friendships.

For those interested in the art of outdoor cooking, the Wild Adventure Cookbook is an absolute must.    I was fortunate enough to meet Sarah, and experience some of these recipes, and they are incredible.  My favourite is Pig’s head Mac and Cheese on page 206.  Head over to her website if you are interested in a copy.  What a perfect Christmas present for the wild at heart.

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