A couple of months ago, my family embarked on a 6 week adventure to Europe.   The lovely Xanthe Berkeley made a little video for us, capturing our excitement and a just snippet into our journeys.  You can see our little video here on my “About Me” page.  It got me thinking.  What if I could make these cute little videos myself.  I want to capture these fleeting moments in my children’s lives, my not just in stills.

With the help of Xanthe, I have started.  Baby steps, baby steps, and I have started with a little Stop Motion Video.  It’s not perfect, but it is perfect to me, and that is all that really matters.  Here are our incredibly gorgeous 3 week old baby Dwarf Netherland rabbits, with my incredibly gorgeous kiddos.


New Additions to the Family from Robyn Geering on Vimeo.