About Me

Canberra children and family photographer

This is me – the girl behind the lens – in front of the lens. Together with my gorgeous husband by my side, we have raised 3 loopy children (and a Spoodle called Noodle) who work to make my life completely crazy.  They make us laugh, they make us cry but, oh, how we love them.

When my journey into photography began, I never imagined the role my children would play (let alone dear old Noodle). I was traveling the world, life was an adventure, children were the last thing on my mind. In a pawn shop in Seattle, I bought my first SLR camera – a 35mm Pentax K1000 with a 50mm lens. But it was the birth of my children a few years later that turned my hobby into a passion. I realised how important a photograph could be, how much meaning it could have.

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