I describe myself as an environmental photographer and a lifestyle photographer rolled into one.   I am not sure that there is a name for that, but I can certainly try and make one up.   I like the sound of Enviro-Lifestyle Photographer.

What does this actually mean?  Well one thing I can say for sure, is that I am not a studio photographer.    I operate in and out of peoples homes in Canberra, and where ever my job takes me.  Sometimes times this means that I am in your home, or just down at the local park, and other times I am in a hot air balloon.   There is nothing that makes me happier than when I am invited into your world.

Whilst I will always ensure that you have shots for the Grand Parents, I will try even harder to capture real photos of your family, connecting in a way that is meaningful to you.  Now with three teenagers of my own, it’s the little details that are so easy to forget.  The chubby thighs, the crooked piggy tails and the toothless grin.  The squeezy cuddles with Dad, and the eskimo kisses with Mum, and all of those unplugged moments in-between.     This is the stuff that makes for a full heart.  I am not just looking for childhood, I am looking for familyhood.

My most commonly asked question.  Take a look over HERE for my thoughts.

Roughly around 1.5 hours.  Sometimes a little longer, and sometimes a little shorter.   It really depends on the age and how many children I am photographing.   It might seem like a long time, but my photoshoots are about having fun.  They are about spending quality time with each other, with real laughter.

It goes without saying that the best light in the house is always Mum and Dad’s bedroom, so this is a place that I will often start shooting.    I can do an entire photoshoot on Mum and Dad’s bed if this works for you.   I always recommend freshly ironed white doona covers for these sessions, for a more timeless feel.  If you don’t have white, lighter block colours are great to, along with simple patterns, or even patchwork quilts.  Please try to avoid dark or bright colours that will reflect colour casts back up onto your faces.  Also bold patterns or logos can be very distracting.

There are so many other things we can do just in your home, and here are some ideas that I love.  What about baking a cake, or cooking your favourite snacks.  Swinging on the hammock strung between the trees in your back yard.  Feeding the chickens.  Playing in the cubby house.  Jumping into the pool, building a lego castle, or playing with the train set.  Snuggling on the couch.  Having a bubble bath.  Skipping.  Having a tea party on the back deck.   The list goes on.

In home photography sessions are not about making it into the next edition of “Home Beautiful” – you really don’t have to have a perfect designer home.  They are all about you, and what represents your world.  Cleaning up, making beds and decluttering before I arrive helps me out a lot, but don’t stress too much.   It is my job to spot distractions as we go.

I have lots of great ideas up my sleeve.  Canberra has plenty of beautiful locations that include the lakes, rivers, forests, open paddocks.  I am also happy to jump into your car and head up into the Brindabella’s, or Tidbinbilla, or out onto your property.  If I am travelling to you, I will charge out of pocket expenses only.

When shooting outside, the best time to shoot is within the first two hours after sunrise, or the last two hours before sunset.  I try my hardest to balance the needs of my smallest client’s nap times/bed times and witching hour, with golden hour or the time when the light is the most flattering.

I have much more flexibility with time when shooting indoors.  I generally shoot anytime between 9am and 3pm.  The only time when I can’t shoot indoors is when it is dark and stormy outside.

Oh yes indeed.  I even love to include the 2 legged feathery members of the family.  Chickens I mean.

Yes.  I charge my out of pocket expenses only.  I travel both within Australia, and Internationally.