The first two weeks of your baby’s life are so precious – you can’t believe she’s real, but you don’t know how you ever lived without her. This is the time I capture in my sessions. It is a special time, a time that is over before you know it. After those first two weeks your baby becomes more alert, more aware of the world, and those curly sleepy moments are gone forever.

I love the simplicity of Lifestyle Photography.  The squidgy arms and legs, the little tummy, the perfect toes. But I also want to tell the story of your family. I want to capture the brothers and sisters bouncing around the baby, the look on Dad’s face as he holds her to his chest, the soft toys in the cot. These are the things that make your photographs memorable. My aim is to create an intimate story about you and your baby that you will cherish for years to come.  Forget the perfectly posed, prop filled images and bring in real life.

Photographing a new baby is a gentle and beautiful thing, and it takes much longer than a standard photography session. For 3 hours I will be at your home, laughing with your children, blending into family life and taking photographs. This allows me to capture your family in a relaxed and comfortable way, and adds to the beautiful memories you are creating with your baby.

I adore photographing newborns, but I also love capturing the whole story. When you book in for a Newborn session, pay just $195 extra, for a Maternity add-on session or $195 extra for a Fresh-48 session, (or take both Add-Ons for $349) and your combine your order.

If you need any convincing at all, take a look at this.

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The earlier the better, as these sessions book out quite quickly.  I prefer to photograph Newborns in those first two weeks of their life, as the Newborn Phase comes and goes so so quickly.  It is also that moment before newborn acne starts to appear, and Colic has not reared it’s ugly head.   After this time, bub tends to be a little more wakeful, and a lot more alert.  I will note your due date in my diary, and confirm your photo shoot when bub arrives.

Of course.   As the weeks go by, bub becomes more and more interactive.  We of course achieve less sleepy newborn shots, but if we are lucky, we might even capture the first smiles.

Not much.  It’s an overwhelming time, and I get that.   Canberra winters can be cold, so I ask that you crank the heating up for our session, so bub stays warm even when wearing just a nappy.  If you have some favourite things, it makes your session a lot more personal.   The things I love to use are patchwork quilts, knitted/crochet blankets or wraps, knitted items and favourite outfits.  Lastly, it does help if beds have been made, and the house has been tidied just a little.  Don’t stress too much about this though as I will help you out along the way.  I have prepared a beautiful online “how to prepare” magazine, which will give you some great hints.

It goes without saying that the best light in the house is always Mum and Dad’s bedroom, so this is a place that I will often start shooting.    I can do an entire photoshoot on Mum and Dad’s bed if this works for you.   I always recommend freshly ironed white doona covers for these sessions, for a more timeless feel.  If you don’t have white, lighter block colours are great to, along with simple patterns, or even patchwork quilts.  Please try to avoid dark or bright colours that will reflect colour casts back up onto your faces.  Also bold patterns or logos can be very distracting.

The other common place that I will use, is your lounge room.  It really just depends on where the best light in your house is.

Please have a look at my portfolio of images so you get a feel for my style of work.   I tend not to be a prop based photographer.  My work is more editorial in nature, and aims to capture these incredible moments in a personal and natural way.    When I meet you, my challenge is to capture your story.   I simply adore the lifestyle approach, because it allows me to capture your story, in a way that is individual and non formulaic.

Yes I do.  I offer these as add-ons to my Newborn shoots.  You can take one or both, but I encourage you to take both.   This time is such a blur and easily forgotten.

 I am not be the right photographer for you.  Whilst I do not have a minimum spend, my digital files come in packages, with the smallest option being 10 files.