I adore photographing Newborns, but I also love capturing the whole story.  When you book in for a Newborn Session, you have the option of two stunning Add-Ons


Why not capture the whole story.  My maternity add-ons are a short 1/2 hour mini session designed to capture this beautiful fleeting moment of your life.  Spoil yourself and do this just for you, or include the whole family in your journey to mother-hood.


We have all experienced the in-hospital newborn photography shooters.  It is one of those photo shoots that you just have to have, a bit like the annual school photos.  It doesn’t seem to matter about the composition or quality, you just have to have them.  What if you could have just a little more.  What if you could have someone capture that amazing connection that happens in hospital, that first bath, the raw beauty of this moment, within that first 48 hours after birth.  YES PLEASE.

“What if I am not up to a photo-session within 48 hours after my baby is born”?

The idea of this session is to capture this beautiful fleeting moment in hospital.  The time where you just get to relax and cuddle your new baby.  If the first two days is too soon, I completely understand that.   If you have had a caesarian section, the first two days are not fun.  You may like to book in day number 3 or even number 4, when the dust settles and you feel more energetic, and can get out of bed.

Still need convincing?  This family booked in for both Add-Ons, along with their Newborn Session.

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You can, but they will be charged out as Standard Family Sessions.

Roughly around 33-35 weeks.  I am looking for that time when you are glowing, but not too uncomfortable yet.

These are my absolute favourite types of maternity sessions?

Your choice.  We can either have a session at your home, or we can find a beautiful location in and around town, in a Park, down by the rivers or lakes, or an open paddock.

Around 30 minutes long.

Once you have confirmed your booking, please let me know your due date, and what hospital you are due to give birth in?  Once you have given birth, we can confirm a date and time suitable to all.

There are very few (if any) things more raw, important and emotional in life than having a baby.  For a lot of mums and parents, the first couple of hours and days after delivery can be a blur because of all the changes, actual labour and post delivery. I want you to REMEMBER how beautiful the two of you looked as brand new parents. I want you to REMEMBER how it felt to look at your brand new baby and to detail how fresh and new they looked just coming into the world.  There’s nothing like it.

No, I am coming in as an invited guest so all good there.  I like to respect the visiting hours of the hospital, so let me know these when we confirm our booking.

Yes.  I will come to your home, and we can capture those first moments at home.

Roughly around 30 minutes.