Just a few snaps of my babies, well, they are not really babies anymore.  I really can’t believe how quickly time has gone by.   I remember people telling me to enjoy the moment, cause before you know it, you will be waving good-bye.  Like many of us, I shrugged this off, but now, I can really understand what this means.  I do, however, just love love love having teenagers.  Watching them blossom into young adults has to be one of the most amazing things to witness.  Seeing their personalities develop, their caring nature shine through, their inquisitive minds reach out.  It is a beautiful thing to watch them start to analyse the world on their own, rather than to blinding follow what we believe in as parents.  The prospect of what is to come, simply makes me squeal with excitement, to the point that sometimes I wish that I could throw this movie into fast forward.  But what I do know is that all of my hopes and dreams for these beautiful young people, are unfolding right there in front of me, and I couldn’t have asked for a more blessed life.

So as for these images, well I was just wanting to make a little canvas out of one them.  A simple, timeless image.  I just wanted to see their beautiful faces to remember them exactly as they are now.  I have narrowed it down to four images now, but I want to choose just one.  Help me choose.  Which do you like best?